Charleston Club at Charleston Air Force Base

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100 W Hill Blvd, Bldg 325 North Charleston, SC | (843) 963-3914
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Wedding: 2/25/2012
Member Since: 5/25/2011 verified review
Wedding Reception    posted 3/20/2012

Pros: Beautiful place to have a reception. Not much work to be done on our end with the exception of picking the meal. Friendly staff.
Cons: Hidden costs not mentioned at the time of booking the site and booking the menu. Difficulty getting base access for vendors in adequate time, particularly family members who made and assembled our cake (they missed the actual ceremony because of access issues, very disappointing).

Great place overall. I would recommend it to anybody. Just wish they were more upfront about everything.


Wedding: 1/24/2009
Member Since: 6/22/2004
Review for Charleston Club at Charleston Air Force Base    posted 2/22/2009

It was the BEST value for the money. This venue has beautiful furnishings and the catering was delicious.;If you are looking for a very picturesque view outside your venue please be aware that this club is on an air force base.

Results 1 - 2 of 2
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  • Style: Banquet/Reception Hall