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Wedding: 3/31/2012
Member Since: 10/27/2011 verified review
A Perfect Day!! Shaw-Balsamo Wedding - March 31, 2    posted 4/9/2012

After celebrating 3 family weddings at the Shadowbrook, I knew from the moment of my engagement that I would continue our family tradition of having a beautiful wedding at the Shadowbrook. We met with Lynda, who was absolutely wonderful to work with. The Shadowbrook was even more beautiful than I remembered it and we couldnt believe all of the extras that were included in each wedding package. I wanted elegance and no other place even compared to the Shadowbrook! My father, Cliff Shaw, called Mr. Zweben the following day and booked our March 31, 2012 wedding.
The staff at the Shadowbrook was so helpful each and every time I had a question or request. I only had about 5 months to plan my wedding and thanks to the staff at Shadowbrook, they made it much smoother for me.
As a school teacher, one of my requests to Mr. Zweben was to have my students attend my ceremony that was held in the beautiful Oak Room. Once again, my request was granted and my students were thrilled to be able to be there. This is just another example of how accommodating Mr. Zweben and his staff are.
Even though the weather did not cooperate, it really didnt seem to matter. Once I arrived at the Shadowbrook, there could have been a hurricane outside and I wouldnt have even known it. Being inside the Shadowbrook was just as nice as having a sunny day!
When I arrived at the Shadowbrook on my wedding day, I was greeted by Lynda and Freddy and some others who were there for me throughout the entire evening. Everyone kept telling me before my wedding that things will go wrong but not to worry because I would be the only one that noticed. Well, NOTHING went wrong, thanks to Mr. Zweben and the hard working staff of Shadowbrook.
My guests are all saying that it was a classy and elegant wedding with an outstanding cocktail hour, delicious dinner and the best Red Velvet wedding cake that they have ever had!! Dont forget the International Coffee Bar that my guests thought was such an elegant touch! John and I, along with my parents agree with our guests 100%!
The Shadowbrook gave me and John a perfect, beautiful wedding day with memories that will last us a lifetime. There is nothing that I would change. We are so grateful to The Zweben Family and their Shadowbrook staff!
Three words for the Shadowbrook, "Simply The Best!!"
Nikki & John Balsamo


Wedding: 9/7/2013
Member Since: 10/10/2012 verified review
Beautiful Wedding!    posted 9/24/2013

I couldn't have imagined my wedding day to be any better than this. It was absolutely perfect. The ceremony and cocktail hour in the beautiful garden was amazing. The food and service was great. Shadowbrook really took care of everything and we didn't have to worry about anything on our special day.


Wedding: 7/19/2013
Member Since: 7/31/2012 verified review
Wish I could do it again!!    posted 8/14/2013

I would recommend the Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury, NJ, to anyone looking for the perfect venue for their wedding! The venue was beyond my expectations! The grounds are more than elegant and the staff is excellent! I wish I could do it all over!!!


Wedding: 5/17/2014
Member Since: 6/22/2013
Amazing wedding venue    posted 6/15/2014

I just had my wedding at shadowbrook in May. It was perfect and everything went flawlessly. Our ceremony and cocktail was outside followed by reception in Oak Room. All of our guests commented on how beautiful it was and how the food and drink were fantastic. The grounds are stunning and make for awesome photos. Amy was a pleasure to work with, I loved it!


Wedding: 11/3/2013
Member Since: 3/21/2012 verified review
Wonderful and Beautiful Reception!    posted 11/24/2013 (updated 11/25/2013)

There aren't enough good things I can say about the Shadowbrook!

Once our family and friends found out we booked the Shadowbrook for our wedding, they had nothing but great things to say about past experiences they've had there. Every time we met with Linda or Amy in the events department, they were nothing but extremely professional and helpful!

Everyone at the Shadowbrook made planning our reception very easy. We had two family members with severe garlic allergies, and they were able to accommodate special dishes for them no questions asked.

The staff and our Maitre'd on our wedding day were wonderful! The food was amazing, the cake was amazing, the venue was amazing! Clearly, if I had to sum up our experience at the Shadowbrook in one word it would be amazing :)

I would hands down recommend the Shadowbrook for any wedding or special event!


Wedding: 9/28/2013
Member Since: 10/22/2012 verified review
Shadowbrook    posted 11/1/2013

I am pleased overall with my wedding reception at the Shadowbrook. The venue itself is extraordinarily beautiful and elegant, the food is excellent and the staff is very warm and attentive. Amy was absolutely wonderful; she made a point to assist me with anything I needed on my day and even helped my mom bustle my gown. I know my guests truly enjoyed themselves and were impressed by the wedding.
Some issues I found:
1) Two weddings were occurring at the Shadowbrook that day. Many of my guests ended up at the wrong cocktail hour since there was absolutely no direction as to where they needed to go. The other wedding caused our cocktail hour to be late because their ceremony was still going on in the gardens, which was where my cocktail hour was. We lost time that we paid for because our cocktail hour was delayed. 2) A couple of items that were in our contract were not delivered at any point during the reception. We were supposed to have attendants in the restrooms; the ladies room was not attended. We were also supposed to have butler passed champagne during the cocktail hour and we never received that. 3) The entire reception was very rushed from start to finish. At the end of the reception, 5:00pm sharp, we were rushed out. I understand that it happened to prepare for another wedding that night, but it was really upsetting to me especially since we were forced to start the affair later than what was agreed to. I always received great customer service from the Shadowbrook and had high expectations, so I am surprised to have to say that I had to see another wedding and it affected my own. Again, I know without a doubt that I had a stunning location that my guests couldn't stop talking about. I was very happy that day and felt like a queen, which is exactly why I recommend the Shadowbrook. I sincerely wish I did not feel rushed and that the other wedding did not impact my own because those are the only reasons why I am not giving the Shadowbrook a perfect score.


Wedding: 7/20/2013
Member Since: 12/25/2010 verified review
Rutan-Bergfeldt wedding    posted 8/10/2013

My husband and I had our reception at the Shadowbrook on July 20, 2013. We had a long engagement and had the pick of the litter when we were finding our venue. We saw the Shadowbrook and were in awe. I mean when you pull up, your breath is just completely taken away. It's stunning. We fell in love with the Shadowbrook because it had just the right amount of masculinity and femininity with the dark mahogany wood in the bar area and walls, and then the gorgeous paintings that lined the walls. We just loved it.
We met with Amy, just my husband and I at first, and she answered any questions we had. We even emailed her after our meeting to ask some more questions. She was readily available and so awesome to work with. We booked the Shadowbrook in May 2011 so we worked with them for quite some time. We were Amy's first booked wedding there so she was very attentive to everything for us. We were invited to their Bridal Fairs and I brought my bridesmaids and they fell in love with it, too.
On the night of our wedding, I couldn't have asked for anything better. Our guests had an amazing time. They had a fantastic time at our Cocktail Hour and enjoyed using the Outdoor Gardens as a backdrop for gorgeous pictures. While our guests were downstairs, our bridal party had a private cocktail hour in the Bridal Suite. My only critique would be this portion of our evening. We asked for a prviate cocktail hour and didn't really have one. We had one drink a d a plate of food for 13 adults. So we were starving when dinner came around.
Our guests were filled with food and drink while heading into the Oak Room. It was stunning and everyone's reactions were just pure amazement. It was gorgeous.
We began dinner with salad, intermezzo, entree, and dessert. Our entrees were amazing--our best man made sure we sat and ate!
Freddie, was our MaitreD and he got us everything we could've wanted. He made sure everyone was comfortable. He was attentive for us and for our parents which was awesome.
We picked up all of or things the next morning. They were boxed up and ready for our taking. I would definitely recommend the Shadowbrook for any event! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Thank you Shadowbrook!


Wedding: 7/14/2013
Member Since: 7/4/2012 verified review
Shadowbrook gave us the PERFECT wedding    posted 8/3/2013

When my fiancée and I (we're both women)were looking for a place to have our wedding, we were having some trouble finding a place that fit the bill. We were on a tight budget and needed a space that could accommodate a small wedding--while still being beautiful and romantic at the same time. Plus, since neither of us is religious (and we're not welcome in most places of worship anyway), we wanted someplace with a garden space where we could have our ceremony.

As soon as we arrived at Shadowbrook, we knew it would be the place. Choosing Shadowbrook as our wedding venue was the best decision we could have made.

we worked with Amy Grandinetti, and she was FABULOUS! Neither of us were the type who have dreamed about our wedding all our lives, so neither of us knew much about wedding planning going in. Amy answered all of our questions and made the whole process 1000 times easier. She was so nice, so helpful, and just so fun to work with, it was amazing. She made sure everything went on without a hitch! Plus, my family can be a bit difficult, and she swooped in and took care of them 100% so that I didn't have to get involved in any extra drama. AMAZING!

Not to mention, the value for Shadowbrook is incredible. We looked at tons of similar venues in the area that were more expensive and not as beautiful, and didn't offer as much food, service, etc. Shadowbrook is truly underpriced, in my opinion, for the amazing experience they give you. It's beautiful, the food is great, and they take care of everything for you at no extra charge.

I can't recommend Shadowbrook strongly enough. They really gave us the perfect wedding. Thanks Amy!! :)


Wedding: 5/17/2013
Member Since: 3/29/2012 verified review
A beautiful, unique wedding venue!    posted 7/14/2013 (updated 7/14/2013)

My husband and I got married at the Shadowbrook this past May, and it was absolutely perfect. We had our ceremony in the gardens. There were plenty of flowers blooming, the grounds were well manicured, and the fountains made it so peaceful. It was perfect for pictures too. The only thing that didn't work so well was Shadowbrook's sound system for the ceremony. The microphone wasn't working so well so it was hard to hear. (my only complaint) The reception was held in the Oak Room. I love that room because your guests have access to other rooms such as the old fashioned bar, back porch, and the grounds all night. You aren't confined to one room and you can go from one place to another. The decor in Shadowbrook is so unique and beautiful with artwork on the walls, big pretty mirrors, and dark wood. It's such a warm and inviting atmosphere, almost like you're getting married in your own home. The bridal suite is so pretty too, great for pictures!! The staff was so helpful, attentive, and friendly throughout the whole process. Lynda was absolutely amazing, she was on top of everything, very detail oriented, and attentive. She made the planning process so easy. The food was really good too. We did the cocktail reception which worked out perfectly. The guests were able to eat whenever they wanted and there were so many options. Overall, I was very pleased with the Shadowbrook. I highly recommend this venue for any type of event. You will not be disappointed!!!


Wedding: 6/15/2013
Member Since: 5/13/2012
Emily and Ralph: June 15, 2013    posted 7/8/2013

Our wedding was the most amazing day we could have asked for! Shadowbrook took care of everything. We were lucky enough to have perfect weather, so our ceremony was outside in the gardens. The flowers and the grounds looked beautiful.

Our guests said the cocktail hour was one of the best ever. There was never any food missing and was always being replenished.

We had our reception in the Oak Room with 202 guests. The room was the perfect size. The food was excellent from the salad to the entree. The wedding cake tasted amazing!!! The bar was stocked with the best liquor. No guests ever had to wait for a drink.

The service was perfect! There is nothing bad to say about Shadowbrook. I hope I have a friend get married there because I would love to attend a wedding there.

If you're looking for a venue, you have to look at Shadowbrook!!!


Wedding: 5/18/2013
Member Since: 1/24/2012 verified review
Cassidy and Dustin Wedding 5/18/13    posted 5/20/2013

AMAZING. I do not think words can describe how absolutely wonderful our wedding was. Lynda was great to work with and made this entire process easy and understandable and all the while kept me and my fiance relaxed and happy.

We loved working with all of the staff. Everyone was friendly and made us feel so welcomed each time we went to visit, or made a phone call. Leona was one of the waitresses who helped us during our food tasting and gave us the best ideas for our table set ups, wedding favors, and even the signature cocktail! Not only that, but on the day of my wedding, Leona helped me swap shoes in between the first dance and mother and groom dance because my dad and I were doing something different. She helped me get my shoes on and stay inconspicuous!

Shadowbrook pulled out all of the stops for us on our wedding day. The ceremony was PERFECT...I could not have asked for anything more. Our reception and cocktail hour were amazing and the food is delicious!

All of our guests had complements about everything ranging from the wedding ceremony to the beautiful table lines that we got to use. Dustin and I both highly recommend Shadowbrook for your wedding. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and we would do it over again in a heart beat.


Wedding: 4/19/2013
Member Since: 9/28/2011 verified review
April 19th, 2013    posted 5/13/2013

My husband and I could not have anything better to say about our wedding at Shadowbrook! Jana and Amy made our experience pleasant and easy from beginning to end, and throughout the entire process we felt that we were in great hands. We've had numerous guests rave about the food, both at the cocktail hour and the reception (and based on the little bit we were both able to actually eat, we have to agree!), and of course the grounds were absolutely beautiful for our ceremony and pictures. All in all we could not have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend Shadowbrook to anyone.


Wedding: 10/21/2012
Member Since: 9/5/2010 verified review
Loved Shadowbrook!    posted 3/18/2013

We got married at Shadowbrook in October, it was beautiful there, everything was perfect. The staff was very accommodating and everything went very smoothly.


Wedding: 12/30/2012
Member Since: 2/15/2012 verified review
The estate is...    posted 2/17/2013 (updated 2/24/2013)

...absolutely stunning with well-manicured gardens and distinct rooms each with charm and character. There is history and art at every corner with nothing mundane when exploring the property. Communications between Amy, Event Coordinator was prompt, friendly, polite and she always had an immediate answer to any inquiry. She and Mr. Zweben were very accommodating to any special requests. Everyone employed at Shadowbrook was always cordial and friendly. There are a few criticisms, the day of and as follows: Barely any decorations or event items were set-up as stated in the vendor requested written outline. The salmon entree served was dry and had that distinct ripe/fishy odor. Service was rushed and completed over an hour before it was supposed to be. These were extremely disappointing and off-putting compared to the actual planning process.

The comment below to my honest review is uncalled for and disrespectful! All the catered event (seated dinner) details that were chosen and received were understood and agreed upon by all parties involved. This was not a wedding reception nor was one wanted or expected. The package was for a catered dinner (seated dinner) which includes choice of centerpieces and damask linens. A wedding took place earlier in the day but a typical wedding reception was not requested. This was explained in the first email and reiterated in meetings. There were three issues that could pertain to any event to be held at this venue that were experienced. I am utterly disappointed and disgusted that intimate details of the contract and night, no matter how small are being published by Shadowbrook! Additionally to make claims and assumptions on my behalf such as "It appears that you spent more effort on your favors... than you did on your guests' food, liquor, and experience" is in poor business mannerisms and disrespectful. Shadowbrook was hired to execute all elements of the experience. If I knew I was going to be chastised for only having a catered event (seated dinner), not having a typical wedding reception, and writing an honest review as such... my business would have been taken elsewhere.


Wedding: 12/1/2012
Member Since: 6/13/2012 verified review
Shadowbrook was Amazing, Breathtaking and Perfect!    posted 12/18/2012

Right from the first meeting with Amy Grandinetti, our Event Coordinator, we knew Shadowbrook was the place for our December 1st wedding. Beautifully decorated for Christmas, the Shadowbrook was a warm,inviting and elegant place to hold our wedding reception. The food was delicious & plentiful (Deluxe Package) and the service was excellent. Freddie -the maitre de was friendly and very attentive. The Oak Room was perfect for the number of guests we had (192). The entire Shardowbrook team-- everyone from the bar tenders, Leona, Amy, & Freddie -- to Mr. Zweben, the owner himself, made certain that all our questions were answered and our requests were met. As a result, my husband and I, as well as all our guests had a great time. Many of our guests commented how wonderful the Shadowbrook was.
At the end of the day, the Shadowbrook team made certain all our precious items were boxed and ready to go home with us-- our cards, gifts, toasting glasses, cake knives, etc.
I would not think twice about booking Shadowbrook for your wedding. We are so very happy we did!


Wedding: 10/6/2012
Member Since: 11/23/2012 verified review
Couldn't Have Been More Perfect!    posted 11/23/2012

I grew up in the restaurant business in NJ, and am a ficture in the food industry in NYC, so food at my wedding was one of the most important factors when I started looking at venues. Anywhere I booked had to have amazing food!
I had grown up near the Shadowbrook, and always wanted to get married there, but after time and life took over, I couldn't have imagined that this would actually be the case!
Upon visiting the estate, I was so impressed that the grounds and the rooms were in such impeccable condition - it was everything I remembered, and set an elegant stage for the wedding I envisioned! Not many other places in NJ (none that I visited at least) have the asthetic or distinct setting that Shadowbrook does.
When I met with Robert, the owner, he explained each and every detail to me, my fiance, and my parents, and patiently answered EVERY question my dad had for him. Unlike other venues, our requests were met with such ease, and moreover, almost everything we inquired about was included in the package we wanted. I hate to use the term "nickle and dime," but so many other reception sites we visited told us we had to pay for extra for things that were already included in Shadowbrook's packages. My parents had heard through friends that Shadowbrook included everything we would ask for, and it was true. This made them so happy, and once they were happy, it made the rest of the decision making simple! We even upgraded to the unlimited seafood station for cocktail hour since some other elements we were expecting to pay for were already included.
Getting back to the food, I couldn't believe the spread that Shadowbrook put out for cocktail hour, and how good the sitdown dinner was. As a guest, I usually never really eat the dinner (just cocktail hour), but the food was amazing and I received so many raves about it from my friends (who are also in the industry and therefore extremely picky). Cocktail hour was most important to me - it sounded perfect on paper, and the day of my wedding, although I couldn't possibly try everything - I was so impressed with the food presentation and everything I ate was delicious. A Jersey girl at heart, I was obsessed with the pasta station and ate as much as my tight dress allowed.
Leading up to the wedding, the banquet staff was unbelievable - every time I called or emailed, someone got back to me right away which really put me at ease. I have so many friends that were stressed out while planning their wedding, but I can't say the same - the staff at SHadowbrook knew exactly what they were doing, were super accommodating to my personal requests, and covered details that I may have forgotten otherwise. My fiance was worried that I'd turn into a Bridezilla, but the wedding meltdown never happened and I have Shadowbrook to thank for that!
Freddy, the Maitre 'D of my party, was the biggest sweetheart and took care of everything on the spot. I don't know what else I can say - I just got back the proofs from my photographer, and the ceremony shots in the main garden, along with the party shots in the Oak Room are the perfect backdrop for what was my most perfect day. Thank you Shadowbrook, I will continue to recommend you as every bride should be lucky enough to have the experience I did!


Wedding: 8/19/2012
Member Since: 12/28/2011 verified review
Wouldn't change a thing    posted 9/7/2012

I actually booked the Shadowbrook 2 years prior to my wedding which was August 18th 2012. Tomorrow it will have been 3 weeks newly married. I can't say enough good things about this venue. Absolutely the most professional staff and the utmost highest quality. There were several couples at the reception who are engaged and said they will seriously consider the Shadowbrook for their own wedding. The only hard part of the night was how fast it flew by, so I hope to go to some of our friends weddings there to enjoy the incredible offerings more thoroughly. The gardens are spectacular. There were no other events that night, so we were permitted to enjoy the entire property. We had a signature drink and the bartenders perfected it. In fact, the bartenders were amazing - everyone raved about the delicious and upscale concoctions. We requested grouper for one of our choices and it was quite good. I devoured my cake which had a cannoli filling - yum! A few of our guests have special food needs and they accommodated this without hesitation. I told them how many and what tables and voila! The bridal suite was so pretty and large - and there was enough champagne provided in there for 12+ people. The food is all around good and plentiful. I wish I had more time to take advantage of that! I recommend making sure you have enough time to take in the affair. Luckily our good friend helped with logistics, so my husband and I didn't have to think about a thing. Wonderful venue. I'll always have fond memories, but I hope to attend many more events there!


Wedding: 8/13/2011
Member Since: 7/23/2012 verified review
Beautiful venue, wonderful staff and owner    posted 8/5/2012 (updated 1/23/2013)

My wife and I got married a year ago (Aug 2011). When we were looking at venue we made sure to check out the Shadowbrook. My friends had their ceremony and reception and the Shadowbrook about 6 years earlier and I had such a great time and had such great memories that we decided to take a look to see how they were years later.

We found out quickly they were amazing. There are many people working at Shadowbrook to help in plan a wedding, and while you don't get a dedicated contact person, each person is so helpful and friendly that ultimately you can tell everyone there is interested in helping you and want your day to go as smoothly as possible.

My wife and I had an outdoor ceremony and there was a chance of rain on our wedding day. The staff let us know the latest local forecast and let us make a decision as to holding the ceremony inside or out until the last minute -- they were ready to move the chair very quickly if necessary. The cocktail our was a huge hit -- we were able to use the outdoor space (the rain held :-) and also the indoor space. The hors d'ouvers spread was unbelievable -- we had so many friends comment on how vast and delicious the options were. The diner itself was delicious. Everyone enjoyed the food the entire night.

Our wedding concierge was extremely helpful and attentive to my bride and I the entire night, making sure we didn't have to worry about any details. From our first meeting until the day after the wedding when we went back to pick up our gifts (they were kind enough to hold some of them overnight for us) they entire staff was wonderful and very helpful. I recommend anyone looking to hold an event (wedding or otherwise) and are looking in this area to definitely check out Shadowbrook.


Wedding: 6/30/2012
Member Since: 8/14/2011 verified review
Shadowbrook    posted 7/31/2012

Shadowbrook is absolutely gorgeous and everything I ever dreamed of for my wedding! The day of my wedding was right after a huge storm and the bridge nearby collapsed, wrecking the water supply. Therefore, the water needed to be boiled in order to drink and there was no coffee. Also, one of the tables fell on my grandmother.... She didn't get hurt. As the bride, I had no idea any of this was going on and I felt they did a great job to recover these little mistakes. The maitre'd was awesome and did a great job of taking care of me and my husband! I would definitely recommend Shadowbrook if not for anything, just for the beautiful scenery!!!

Wedding: 7/6/2012
Member Since: 3/20/2011
Beautiful Summer Garden Wedding    posted 7/26/2012

I was recently married at Shadowbrook on July 6th, and this venue provided everything that I was looking for. Shadowbrook was the first venue my husband and I looked at, and it didn't take us long to decide that we wanted to have our wedding there. The elegance and beauty of this historic mansion and the outdoor garden setting made a lasting impression on all our friends and family. We were looking for a historic-type venue with a feeling of nostalgia and charm, and that's exactly what Shadowbrook offered. While classy and refined, our the venue is also unique and perfect for brides who don't want to have their wedding at any run-of-the-mill catering hall.
In addition, the food was amazing. Our cocktail hour included a variety of foods and pastas, and even caviar. Many of our guests remarked on how delicious the food was, both during the cocktail hour and during the reception.
The staff's attention to detail is incredible at Shadowbrook. Lynda helped us plan out all the details ahead of time, and our maitre d' Freddy was a great help on the day of. Other members of the staff helped to execute the details of the day from preparation time until we were leaving the reception. They even assisted me with getting a stain out of my wedding dress before the reception! I truly felt like I was in good hands, and would recommend this venue to anyone. Thanks to Shadowbrook, I was able to focus on creating a day that I will never forget!

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Shadowbrook May be Exclusively Yours

A long, tree-lined drive welcomes your and your guests to Shadowbrook, the most elegant Georgian mansion set on 20 secluded acres of exquisite gardens and splashing fountains. Shadowbrook presents a service, an ambiance that are unsurpassed. The entire Shadowbrook estate may be exclusively yours!

  • Price Range: $$
  • Amenities: Indoor Ceremony Area, Kosher Available, Liability Insurance, Liquor License, Onsite Catering, Onsite Parking, Onsite Wedding Consultant, Outdoor Ceremony Area, Outdoor Reception Area, Outside Caterers Allowed, Valet Parking, Wheelchair Accessible
  • Capacity: Up to 300
  • Style: Banquet/Reception Hall, Mansion/Historic Site

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