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39175 Intrepid Temecula, CA | (951) 515-3134
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Wedding: 3/30/2013
Member Since: 10/30/2011 verified review
Best Venue Ever    posted 4/16/2013 (updated 8/21/2013)

Beautiful Venue!!!!!!! Every single photo turned out amazing, even pictures taken from phones. The space so easy to work with and it was so pretty I hardly needed to decorate. Owners of the property were very helpful and quick to respond with any questions I had throughout the planning process.

Wedding: 8/19/2011
Member Since: 12/27/2010 verified review
Beautiful, but Dissapointing...    posted 11/11/2011

This is an absolutely gorgeous property and home to have a wedding at, however the business/property owners made our experience unpleasant. To be totally honest, they nearly ruined our beautiful wedding. We were promised many things, but they didn't happen. Our parking person wasn't there, and some of our guests were rudely told they "you can't park there". We never saw our day of coordinator, nor did she check on either myself or the groom.
Our hired bartender wouldn't fill up the iced water bottles, or do any of the prep work, our guests ended up doing that for him!
Then at the end of our night, as my tired bridal party helped clean up cupcakes, tablecloths, etc. They were rudely asked, " when are you going to be done". Apparently, he wanted to let his dogs out, and we were taking too long.
My family and friends were treated rudely, and I was very upset on my wedding night.
To top it all off, nine business days after our stay there, we wrote to find out when we could expect our deposits back. We didn't get a reply. We called, and didn't get a reply. Finally, once we threatened to drive up there, we got an email reply. We were given an excuse, which we felt was untrue, but went with it. We politely asked, when we could expect it. Once again were ignored. Then a week late, we got a nasty, condescending email reply from Tommy, where he even personally insulted myself and my husband. Now his story changed and we were "lucky to be getting our deposit". Funny, there was no mention of ANY problems in our prior correspondence. Finally, we got our money back, but not from Tommy, we called and filed a claim with our credit card companies. After that, we got an apology from Tommy, and the nice guy routine again.
Absolutely cannot recommend this beautiful place. It's unfortunate, but they should not be holding weddings in this place. Now I realize they are probably not licensed or insured to do this, and in way over their heads.
Very dissapointing, after all of our hard work, and help from family and friends to pull off our wedding, it was nearly ruined. Good luck to all of you!

Wedding: 9/24/2011
Member Since: 4/17/2007 verified review
Ruined my Wedding    posted 10/20/2011

I was very upset with the Farmhouse and would NEVER recommend someone getting married there…. It ruined my wedding experience completely.
In the contract it says that you will be provided with a “site coordinator “the day of your wedding. In April both mine and my Husband’s family went to the farmhouse to met with Charity regarding our wedding, she told us she would be there all day for anything we need and even went as far to tell us that she will have a walkie talkie and will give one to my mom to keep in touch all day and take care of what’s needed. I never even saw Charity the day of our wedding or anyone for that matter, the only person that came up to me (while I was in my wedding dress taking pictures) was a girl who never even introduced herself to tell me that we apparently had to take care of parking. When I told Tommy and Anna about this after my wedding their response was they Charity was having a tough first trimester of pregnancy, which is horrible BUT if she wasn’t available then maybe Tommy and Anna (who live there and were there ALL DAY) should have helped, but we never saw them once.
Had I known that there was no site coordinator the day of my wedding I would have appointment someone else of that duty but instead I didn’t know there was no coordinator until that day. So, on my wedding day I had to stand in the house and direct my bridal party on where to go and when to walk down the aisle, (Not to mention the all other tasks that the site coordinator should be doing) you can only imagine how stressful that is and how much it took away from what should have been a meaningful moment for me.
Also, I hired two of their “workers” for 4 hours, I asked both workers and whoever the girl that advised me of parking issues to set up the dessert bar and clear and CLEAN the plates from the tables. That’s all I needed them to do in the four hours they were there. The plates were NOT cleaned at all, all they did was scrape off the food into the trash and leave the plates on the side of the house, so the day after my wedding I spend two hours cleaning plates that I thought I paid two people $15.00 an hour to do. If they didn’t clean them what did I pay two people to do? Not to mention that after their “shift” was over I saw one of the workers in his normal clothes at the bar drinking.
When it came time to get our deposit back this was Tommys response…..
Hi Jason and Tyler,

It is with our apology and great regrets that we are unable to refund your deposit in full at this time. We have every intention to return every dollar owed you plus a late fee as soon as we are able to. We will send partial payments as well as soon as we have the funds.

We have had neighbors upset with the traffic and noise from our property and we have been notified to cease operations. In order to comply and keep our property we are in the process of transitioning our place into a clean living retreat and to expedite this transition we already have a new website up and running...you can see it at http://raeofhoperetreat.wordpress.com/

We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience; and you have our promise that we will indeed refund all your monies due as soon as possible.

Our sincerest apologies for this delay.

Tommy and Anna

REALLY??? I thought security deposits weren’t meant to be spent??? That’s $1,750.00 that he was trying to say he will pay us back in “payments??? This is after we paid him thousands to rent the hou


Wedding: 9/17/2011
Member Since: 11/26/2005 verified review
Amazing Venue that we were LUCKY enough to get    posted 10/2/2011

Pros: Amazing location with gorgeous views and a gorgeous home. Awesome owners who make renting easy. 5 bedroom house that we got to share with our family for 4 days!

Cons: The house can get hot. It's a big house and when you have guests in every bedroom it doesn't seem to get properly cooled. We were told that Drea would be there as an onsite coordinator but we never met her..not sure if she ever showed up? The dogs howl a lot at night, so just be ready for it...we packed a sound machine which kind of helped.

OVERALL: This place was amazing and the most perfect place we could have asked for to host our wedding at. Also, I should mention we are a same sex wedding and we were treated just like any other couple...weird that I have to mention that but I do because we don't always get the same reactions. The owners were a dream to work with. Super sweet couple and made us feel like friends, not just renters, which really made the experience. We are looking forward to renting the house in the future. Also, we rented the Love Shack too and are so glad we did!


Wedding: 5/22/2011
Member Since: 1/31/2010 verified review
Rustic, Quirky and Beautiful!    posted 6/17/2011

I recently had my wedding at the Temecula Farmhouse in Temecula. It is located out in the beautiful wine country. It has an amazing view of the countryside! We loved looking out from the deck every morning and seeing the sky full of hot air balloons.
Tommy and Anna who own and manage the Farmhouse were amazing! During the reception we got nothing but compliments on the beautiful, unique location. I loved that there were already a ton of rustic decorations to use on site. I definitely took advantage of that!
We also loved that we were able to choose all of our own vendors, purchase our own liquor and hire our own bartender. It helped saved us a ton of money over the traditional venues I considered. The rental cost for the Farmhouse itself was also very reasonable. I highly recommend the farmhouse!

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