Killer Flamingos

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PO Box 2773 Dearborn, MI | (248) 435-4789
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Wedding: 11/22/2013
Member Since: 5/28/2013 verified review
YAHOOOOO!!!!    posted 12/9/2013 (updated 12/10/2013)

Totally AWESOME!!!!!!!! Everyone is still raving about how great my band was!!! I was a little nervous about it seeming to much like a concert but they were perfect!!!! totally worth spending the money on!

Wedding: 7/5/2008
Member Since: 11/17/2007
Review for Killer Flamingos    posted 9/4/2008

What isn't to love about the Killer Flamingos?? I was so happy to learn they 1. did weddings and 2. they were free on July 4! I have watched them on numerous occasions around the Detroit area for years! Their energy is awesome! Their musicianship is awesome! There is hardly anyone sitting around when they are on stage because they play so many great songs to dance to! Also they were so nice and super easy to work with! They remembered to recognize my mother whom we shared our wedding day on her birthday by pulling her onstage for a great rendition of 'Happy Birthday'. I absolutely love them they did a great job and we are still getting so many compliments on how awesome they were!

Results 1 - 2 of 2
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