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Wedding: 12/19/2013
Member Since: 3/16/2013 verified review
Ecstatic with Our Engagement Ring Find!    posted 6/29/2014

While the Bridal Department wasn't a good fit for us, we were able to randomly find our engagement ring in the fine jewelry department! Thank you to the staff and Bony Levy!


Wedding: 8/12/2013
Member Since: 10/28/2012 verified review
Fabulous experience!    posted 9/16/2013

I had the best experience at the Wedding Suite at Nordstrom. My consultant made sure to have a conversation with me prior to the day of my appointment so she could get an idea of what I was looking for and have options already pulled when we arrived. She was very aware and respectful of my budget and I never felt any pressure to even try on a dress I wasn't completely comfortable with. My consultant was so much fun and easy to work with. I planned the majority of my wedding from out of town and I never had a problem getting in touch with her whether it was on the phone or over email. I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Nordstrom.

Wedding: 5/4/2013
Member Since: 11/10/2011 verified review
Perfect dress, amazing service    posted 5/28/2013

I originally went to the Nordstrom in Tyson's Corner, VA (near my hometown) and didn't find anything, but the lady there was so wonderful and patient with me and my somewhat low budget ($400-$800). I later went to the Nordstrom here in Colorado (90 minutes from where I live) when I found out they were having a Jenny Yoo trunk show. They fit me into their schedule at the last minute so I could make the trunk show after work, driving down from the mountains. I fell in love with the dress and it was on sale! My stylist left Nordstrom right before I needed to do my fittings, but they teamed me up with a new stylist right away and we got them taken care of. I loved how both stylists I worked with were very down to earth. I am not at all a fashion-savvy person - I am a mountain girl who admittedly dresses a bit on the frumpy side sometimes - but they made me feel so amazing and perfect in the dress and with all of the alterations and accessory suggestions. I highly recommend!


Wedding: 5/27/2012
Member Since: 6/11/2011 verified review
A Bride's Lifesavor!    posted 6/14/2012

The bridal dress industry is one of pressure and stress. They make you commit to a very expensive dress without ever being able to actually see it on you in your size! Then they say you need two months for alterations! Nordstroms took the stress out of dress buying!

I always try to shop independent, locally owned, but after having regrets about purchasing the "wrong gown" from a local bridal shop because I felt the pressure of not having enough time to buy a wedding dress, I went to Nordstrom's at Park Meadows to find "the dress".

Laura was incredible at finding dresses that would look good on me. I ended up ordering 7 dresses so that I could try a bunch of different styles in my size. It was so helpful to be able to actually try on dresses that fit, to see what really would look the best on me! Because Nordstroms is who they are (the best department store in the world!) you can order and return as much as you want! And...they do alterations in 5 days..not two months like other tailors have you believing! This is priceless for brides who are trying to get in as best shape as possible before their big day.

After helping me with my wedding dress, Laura also helped me accessorize with shoes, jewelry, hair pieces, as well as my rehearsal dinner ensemble, and lingerie. It was a one stop shop for all of my wedding needs! If only I had stopped there first, I would have saved myself a lot of time, money, and energy...and yes, I still own the "wrong dress" from the local bridal shop because even though it was never tried on by anyone but me, and it never left their shop, and it was never altered, they have a no return policy. I will be selling it on ebay for much less than I paid for it...but honestly, being in a dress that I felt absolutely gorgeous in is well worth losing some money on a dress that I would not have felt as great in!

My advice is to shop independent and local as much as possible, but when deciding upon an expensive purchase like a wedding dress...go to Nordstroms!


Wedding: 9/4/2011
Member Since: 10/23/2010 verified review
Wedding Boutique at the Nordstrom Park Meadows    posted 9/26/2011

I was so thrilled to find my wedding dress at Nordstrom - a store that I love for its excellent customer service and the high-quality brands it carries. The wedding boutique was lovely and had many accessories to choose from in addition to dresses. The best part? - I found the dress of my dreams, and it cost less than $400! I ended up purchasing all of my wedding day jewelry, my shoes, and my reception/dancing dress at Nordstrom, and I can't even begin to list how many compliments I received on it all! I will definitely be recommending the Nordstrom wedding boutique to any of my friends who are getting married!


Wedding: 9/3/2011
Member Since: 2/10/2011 verified review
My wedding dress    posted 9/20/2011

I found my wedding dress in the 'formal' section of Nordstroms--not the 'bridal' section.

great value, great material, great quality.


Wedding: 8/13/2011
Member Since: 8/4/2010 verified review
My Suite Nordstrom Wedding Experience    posted 9/18/2011

The new wedding suite at Nordstrom at Park Meadows mall is incredible. Catherine was so helpful. She helped me create the looks for everything from my engagement party to my honeymoon! They were very respectful of my budget, and in true Nordstrom fashion, found a way to get it even if they didn't have it in the store!


Wedding: 9/6/2010
Member Since: 6/14/2010 verified review
The Perfect Dress for my outdoor wedding    posted 10/2/2010

I ordered over 20 dresses online from and was then able to try them all on at home, with my shoes, my makeup, my jewelry.
It was the best way for me to go about it as my mother lives on the other side of the world, and I wanted her to help me choose. I took photos and emailed them to her.
I found the perfect dress and was able to return all the others for a full refund. Awesome.

Wedding: 12/30/2006
Member Since: 7/8/2006
Review for Nordstrom    posted 8/31/2007

I opted to buy my dress at Nordstrom's. They are know for their exceptional service and I found them to be very attentive.;The lingerie was not perfect for my dress, but I purchased it at Nordstrom's for convenience.

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