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384 Post St San Francisco, CA | (415) 986-4300
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Wedding: 9/22/2012
Member Since: 9/5/2011 verified review
Incredible service    posted 11/11/2012

I found my Sue Wong dress for my wedding dinner (I changed out of my white dress) at Sak's. Liz Shaskey was lovely to work with - she helped me find the same dress across the country and shipped it to San Francisco to help with alterations. My alterations expert, Varty, was the most incredible woman - so sweet and caringm and so skilled and passionate about her work.


Wedding: 8/28/2004
Member Since: 6/7/2003
Review for Saks Fifth Avenue    posted 5/10/2010

They were very easy to work with! I had decided not to wear a traditional gown, but at the last moment, my mother decided that I had to have one. They worked VERY quickly - I'd say my gown was ready in 2 months, as I recall. Very professional and the gown fit like a glove. It was the biggest thing I've ever worn in my life, but I could barely tell I was wearing anything.

Results 1 - 2 of 2
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