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Wedding: 10/20/2012
Member Since: 12/5/2011 verified review
Fabulous!    posted 11/19/2012

Sherrie and her team were amazing on my wedding day! They came in completely prepared and everyone was so happy with their hair and makeup. I felt beautiful all day - my hair and makeup lasted through photos, tears, laughter and of course dancing the night away.

Wedding: 8/31/2012
Member Since: 1/17/2011 verified review
Expensive but good    posted 10/17/2012

She was really expensive but it was worth it for me because I wanted my hair & mkup to be perfect on my wedding day. I paid extra to do a trial and I suggest doing that because she worked with me as long as I wanted to until we found the hairstyle that I wanted.

Wedding: 6/23/2012
Member Since: 3/16/2011 verified review
Stunning!    posted 7/19/2012

All of my girls looked stunning. Sherrie and her assistants did a wonderful job. They were well organized and made the day flow very smoothly.

Wedding: 9/23/2011
Member Since: 1/15/2011 verified review
hair and make up    posted 10/19/2011

Other reviewers have said, "Sherrie makes me look like a photoshop version of myself" and I wholeheartedly agree. She did an amazing job on my hair and make up for my wedding- LOVED it! the pictures turned out great! I couldn't ask for more. If you are looking for hair and makeup for your wedding- choose Sherrie.


Wedding: 10/15/2010
Member Since: 1/15/2010 verified review
Thoughtful, Tasteful & Professional    posted 1/12/2011

Being in my mid twenties when I got married, I already knew that I likely did not need a lot of make-up/foundation on my skin. But as an Asian, I needed someone who knew what they were doing with make-up and could help me become the most beautiful bride I could ever be. With Sherrie, she was able to keep my make-up looking natural but still glamorous. She also did my hair, which was a loose textured bouffant that was pinned back into a low twisted chignon.
The look was beautiful and definitely not something I could have done on my own and was not a hairstyle that is easy to achieve on straight Asian hair.

Equally important to Sherrie's hair & make-up talent, is her ability to make you feel comfortable telling her your requests and the fact that she actually listens to your requests from the beginning to end.

I was happy with the work she did on me, (as my make up and hair lasted the whole entire wedding day and was also not too terrible an experience taking out the pins when the day was over), and on my entire bridal party.

Sherrie is a sweet, talented and very professional lady whom I'd recommend to any future bride getting married in Napa.


Wedding: 7/10/2010
Member Since: 2/18/2009 verified review
Great Hair and Makeup Artist    posted 9/20/2010

I’m so happy that I used Sherrie to do my hair and makeup for my wedding in July. She did a great job and I love how everything turned out. Sherrie also does hair and makeup for fashion magazines and some celebrities, so she has a lot of experience. I did a trial run with her before my engagement pictures where we went through a few hair and makeup looks. I ended up changing my hair a little on the actual wedding day and Sherrie took everything in stride and did a great job. The team that she brought with her to do the bridesmaids’ hair was also wonderful. They got everyone done in time and I thought everybody looked great. My hair even withstood a windy day in San Francisco and lasted all night. Her makeup photographs beautifully also.

Here prices are a little pricey as some reviewers noted, but when I compared her to other people who focused on wedding hair and makeup, I found them to be pretty average. However, I was willing to splurge on hair and makeup since I knew that was one of the things that would really bother me if it didn’t look good at the wedding.

Sherrie is very professional and does amazing work. She does book fast so be sure to talk to her early. You won’t regret it.

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