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Wedding: 6/1/2013
Member Since: 1/23/2013 verified review
Worth Every Penny    posted 9/9/2013

Soigne Productions knows their stuff. I hired Soigne as a month-of coordinator for my June 1 wedding in Santa Barbara. I immediately felt at ease from the moment I met with Tonya and Nitana (the associate planner who would be in charge of our wedding on the day of).
I felt like it was hard to review the web sites of different wedding production companies in order to choose one for our wedding ... it felt like all the web sites were offering the same thing. Therefore, I felt so lucky to meet with Tonya and Nitana and feel like they both understood what I wanted from my wedding right off the bat. Tonya pulled out a speadsheet on her iPad to show me how they organize the information for all their weddings. It was a stunning display of organization! It made me feel really comfortable because although I had an idea of how I wanted the wedding to go, I didn't really feel like I knew how to make the wedding happen on the day of. That's why I knew I needed a month-of planner ... and that's how I knew Soigne Productions was the right choice for us.
We met with Tonya and Nitana three times before the wedding to go over the plans we had ... and I felt very comfortable emailing with Nitana or Tonya with any questions we had leading up to the wedding. The month before the wedding Nitana really took over the heavy lifting as far as planning and contacting vendors ... it was SUCH a HUGE relief at that point to let someone so capable deal with the planning. The cost of the month-of coordination package was worth it right there. Our last meeting was at the reception site with all our vendors; Nitana contacted and coordinated the meeting with everyone. Tonya and Nitana let all the vendors know exactly how the wedding reception would go and it was really wonderful to see how organized and professional they both were.
Nitana handled our wedding rehearsal and our entire wedding day and she did such a wonderful job clearly communicating to everyone where they needed to be and what they needed to do. Although I hired all the vendors myself and did a lot of decor and such ... I didn't need to do anything the day of the wedding which made it so enjoyable and relaxing for me. Additionally, my dad was in charge of tips and had some questions at some point the morning of the wedding. When he called Nitana, she patiently walked him through all the vendors and how to tip each of them. Nitana was patient and helpful during the entire process, and Tonya runs such an organized, professional business.
I feel like I've spent this review raving about the great business that Soigne is, which is totally deserved, but it is also important to note that the Tonya and Nitana are wonderful, kind people that are a joy to work with, as well. It makes such a difference when you are planning something like a wedding, when all the decisions feel so important to you, the bride/groom, that you don't feel like your questions/concerns are trivial or stupid. I felt so comfortable asking Soigne anything ... they did such a wonderful job in making my wedding a happy memory for me and my now-husband.


Wedding: 8/6/2011
Member Since: 1/6/2011 verified review
so great!    posted 8/23/2011

Tonya was wonderful! She was always on top of everything and added such a calm presence to the wedding day.

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