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Wedding: 9/27/2013
Member Since: 1/3/2013 verified review
Beautiful Venue, Pricey With Rules    posted 9/29/2013

We had our wedding at V. Sattui and it was gorgeous. Everyone talked about how beautiful it was. The venue is spectacular.

That said, it was quite pricey, given that the venue itself is pricey and then there are lots of add-ons (costs of cleaning aisle if you use roses, lighting votive candles that appear to be permanently there, ordering wine ahead of time rather than just paying for what you use). They lay most of these costs out in the contract, but read it carefully... bc I did and still missed a couple things. The timing is also tight and made me really nervous in the run up to the wedding, since I went to the venue after 5 (which is when the bride arrives) and found out that despite what we were initially told, the tasting room closes at 6pm (when our guests arrived). It's a narrow window that you get the venue (6-11).

The only thing guests complained about were the locations of bathrooms (all upstairs from the barrel room).

I would strongly recommend V. Sattui consider expanding the list of "preferred" planners and vendors. While we liked many of our vendors, some which came recommended by the venue, we found difficult to work with.

Overall it was beautiful and I read the contracts closely so I was aware of the extras.. but I still felt like they were taking me for a bit of a ride on price.


Wedding: 10/7/2012
Member Since: 4/2/2007 verified review

I had the privilege of selecting V. Sattui as our ceremony and reception venue. Not only is the location drop dead gorgeous, the personnel there were so helpful and cheerful! I loved working with the Director of Weddings. She was so on top of things and so responsive to my questions that sometimes I went to her more than my own day-of coordinator. The wine there is amazing, the setting it breathtaking, and the service was better than I could have dreamt of.

Seriously, if you're considering V. Sattui Winery, think no further. They are the best EVER!! I got so many compliments from my guests saying that it was the most beautiful and intimate wedding that they've ever been to and it wouldn't have been the same in any other place. Also, I received my deposit within a week of the wedding being over so they were incredibly quick!


Wedding: 8/17/2012
Member Since: 1/2/2012 verified review
Gorgeous Venue and Friendly Staff    posted 9/17/2012

When we first saw this venue it was the last in six that we looked at and we just knew it was the one. It looks like a fairy tale castle and the barrel room is very unique and romantic. The V. Sattui wedding staff is very friendly and responsive and they made everything go easily and smoothly on the big day. It is a very special venue and definitely stands out from the regular ballroom or tent. We would definitely recommend V. Sattui!


Wedding: 6/29/2012
Member Since: 6/16/2011 verified review
Beautiful and easy to work with    posted 8/3/2012

A great venue - breathtaking and the people are easy to work with! They made the experience great.

Wedding: 5/17/2012
Member Since: 7/24/2011 verified review
Wonderful setting!    posted 6/4/2012

I had only seen pictures of the location before coming there for my rehersal. It was beautiful!
It could not have been any better of a location for my intimate wedding and reception. It was a night to remember for my husband and I as well as for our guests!


Wedding: 11/4/2011
Member Since: 11/24/2009 verified review
Beautiful Venue    posted 11/30/2011 (updated 2/8/2014)

This venue is by far the most beautiful we looked at and was absolutely gorgeous the night of our wedding but the rules do not allow for much time for photos. Also they need to expand their list for Planners. The only affordable planner is not someone I would ever recommend!


Wedding: 5/27/2011
Member Since: 6/12/2007 verified review
Beautiful location, kinda pricey    posted 6/22/2011

Very beautiful.

Kinda pricey. They nickel and dime alot of services. Most of the little things should be added in the total rental fee. Ex: Rose Petal Aisle clean up fee $150, each heat lamp $50, etc....Most of this is pretty standard and should be included in the $7500 rental fee. The venue doesn't even provide tables or chairs, you'll need to rent them from your caterer. And you are also required to use a Wedding Coordinator from their Preferred List, they don't provide you with one. I have planned about 6 weddings for friends, family, colleagues, and most of this stuff should have been included. The site fee of $7500 (weekday) $9500 (weekend) only included literally the use of the facility. And because the winery is open to the public until 5pm, they bridal party cannot be there to take pictures until 4:30, which doesn't give alot of time when ceremonies usually start around 6. Plus, you have alot of winery guests watching you and taking pictures of you, which is kinda distracting.

Overall, it's a beautiful location and worth the great photo opportunities, so make sure to get an amazing photographer to capture all of it.


Wedding: 5/26/2011
Member Since: 12/15/2010 verified review
AMAZING    posted 6/12/2011

What is not to love about V. Sattui Winery? It is the PERFECT venue location for a wedding! The flowers and lush greens in May made my wedding exceptional! Not to mention the wine! :) Darlene and Jim Forbes, wedding coordinator and officiant were extremely helpful, fun, and professional! I can't wait to go back to do my vow renewals! :)


Wedding: 2/12/2011
Member Since: 11/26/2010 verified review
Beautiful Wedding    posted 4/7/2011

I had my wedding at V. Sattui in February and it couldn't have been more like a fairy tail! It was definitely worth the month and the perfect place for an outside wedding weather permitting!


Wedding: 11/13/2010
Member Since: 1/8/2010 verified review
Amazing!    posted 12/1/2010

The venue is inherently beautiful, you don't really need to add much to create a beautiful intimiate setting. The staff was incredible, easy to work with, and their list of preferred vendors was really helpful. I only have positive things to say about our experience at V. Sattui...it was fabulous!


Wedding: 10/2/2010
Member Since: 11/19/2010 verified review
Magical wedding in Napa    posted 11/19/2010

This venue is beautiful and one of a kind always to be remembered. Awesome backdrop for pictures.The wedding day was perfect due to our wedding planner Where To Start.
The original person we dealt with to make the contract was rude and snooty. The event planner there was hard to work with, and not timely in response to questions. They have a list of vendors that we were told we 'had to use". Some vendors not on the list they let us use, but others they would not budge. Luckily my other daughter will want to create her own magical moment and we won't have to deal with this vendor again. Their wine is good.


Wedding: 10/23/2010
Member Since: 9/11/2009 verified review
Beautiful Venue, but too expensive    posted 11/9/2010

I fell in love with V.Sattui the second I saw it. It was exactly what I pictured when dreaming of my wedding. I think I was still in la la land when we signed the contract and didnt pay attention to the details. It is $10,000 just have the wedding there which you only have for 5 hours. They do not allow you to start your ceremony before 6pm and you the music has to stop by 11pm. By the time we got to dancing, we had less than 2 hours. We had 150 guests and it was a tight squeeze in the barrel room. I would suggest this place for small, low key weddings.


Wedding: 9/18/2010
Member Since: 10/19/2009 verified review
Perfect venue!    posted 10/14/2010

V Sattui is the perfect wedding venue. Unfortunately, our favorite coordinator is no longer there and she was amazing. Other staff are good. Venue is fabulous for a beautiful Napa wedding.


Wedding: 9/11/2010
Member Since: 3/5/2010 verified review
Stunning winery wedding    posted 9/28/2010

If you want a stunning and intimate winery wedding, this is the place for you. With choices of getting married in the beautiful courtyard or lovely lawn both with gorgeous backdrops, you and your guests will then be whisked away to the barrel room for your banquet where the sky and your imagination are the limits. This winery fits a larger capacity than most (over 200) and whethery you are having 50 or 200, it somehow is a perfect size. The V.Sattui service and family are amazing hosts and by the wedding rolls around, you feel half Italian and definitely more than 1/2 a part of their friendly family. The rental rate is steep but their flexibility in catering and wine commitment helps make up for it.


Wedding: 5/24/2008
Member Since: 2/18/2007 verified review
Fabulous Place    posted 6/28/2010

We really wanted to get married at a winery in California but we found that most wedding locations in Napa are at hotels so we were very happy to find V. Sattui!

The location is gorgeous with both indoor and outdoor options. They don't provide much in their fee but the beauty of the space is all we cared about! It ended up being cheaper to pay for this space and rent all the tables and chairs and pick our own caterer than to go with locations that included everything but had high food minimums using in house catering.

Our wine tasting for the wedding was a fabulous experience in a private room where we tried over 15 wines! It was great. And the wines we selected for the event were delicious.

Overall, it was a great space and the staff was very helpful.


Wedding: 6/1/2007
Member Since: 10/25/2006
Review for V. Sattui Winery    posted 5/10/2010

It was gorgeous!!! Everything came into bloom in June!!! It was like a fairytale. Gorgeous vineyards, greenery, flowers, hummingbirds, the whole deal!!!;The bathrooms wern't as nice as the rest of the facilities.

Wedding: 8/26/2007
Member Since: 11/18/2004
Review for V. Sattui Winery    posted 9/10/2007

People have told me it was the most romantic wedding they have ever been to. You could have your reception, ceremony and rehearsal all at the same place. The place is just simply picturesque!;They don't tell you that there is a minimum wine order. No matter how many attendees you have, you have to order a minimum of 100 people even if you don't have a 100 people attend or children. This can break your pockets because you are left with at least 6 cases of wine after your wedding.

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  • Outdoor Ceremony Area: Yes
  • Indoor Ceremony Area: Yes
  • Outdoor Reception Area: No
  • On the Water: No
  • Tented Area: No
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Onsite Catering: No
  • Outside Caterers Allowed: Yes
  • Kosher Available: Yes
  • Liquor License: Yes
  • Onsite Overnight Accommodations: No
  • Onsite Parking: Yes
  • Valet Parking: No
  • Onsite Wedding Consultant: Yes
  • Liability Insurance: Yes
  • Site Fee: Yes
  • Capacity: Up to 250
  • Style: Banquet/Reception Hall, Vineyard

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